Bapteme de plongeé! with French friends!!

One of the several groups that visit us from France!
That's why we always have French staff who can be able to speak really fluent with their natives!

Staff took out boat engine from the sea

Don't lose the chance to see how our staff works!!
We got ask to take out a boat engine from the sea... and of course we did it!!

Walking octopus - 2017

Nice meeting during a dive :)
To see this and other creatures, come dive with us!!

Sant Joan night dive - 2016

Night dive for Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar
Come and enjoy one of our most typical festivities diving with us!

Dolphins Diving Center - 2015

This is Dolphins Diving Center in Lloret de Mar
Show up and join the family!!

The old families staff from 2011 (part 2)

To everyone, thanks for being part of these great memories
We want to give credit to everyone who's been here, from those who apply to be part of the family, to those who organise the day by day behind a difficult desk... Thank You!!

The old families staff from 2011 (part 1)

Here the staff has always been european brothers and sisters
This is our way, how we expand our philosophy and memories world wide.. taking pictures, having memories, and leaving just bubbles! Join our subculture!! Diving or working!!